A few weeks ago, Taylor, Hazel and I spontaneously hopped in the car and drove north a few hours to camp! We knew the area we were going to, but we had no idea what camping options were even available, if any. It was the breath of fresh air we all needed to slow down and be present. The drive up there is one of my very favorite scenic routes. The landscape is filled with colorful pastels and textures with the geography seemingly morphing into something new every 30 minutes.





When we got to our destination area we headed down to the Colorado River to walk around and check out the rapids. We talked briefly with a fly fisherman who filled us in on the camping opportunities in the area. Now that we had some sort of gage on the area we did a little bit of searching on google maps and found a long dirt road leading to one of the most gorgeous camping spots right next to a canyon in the middle of nowhere! We couldn’t believe we had this place practically to ourselves!




We were happy campers!




While we were at the river I gathered a few stones that caught my eye. I fell in love with colors and created a color palette from them! A frequent question people ask me about painting is how do I choose colors for a painting? Nature puts together colors better than anything we can come up with! Going out into the wilderness and soaking in the environment and taking photos to reference later is an excellent way to help create a color palette :)