Today I am going to show you how to make a BIG impression with TINY art! Click here for my favorite frames.

What you need:

  • Tiny Art

  • Any size frame (Here I am using IKEA frames that are no longer available).

  • Custom cut framing mat (I got mine cut at Hobby Lobby. The 9x9 was $8 and the 12x16 was $11) but recommend getting frames at 

  • Acid free tape

  • Flat head screw driver (Optional: to bend tabs on the back of the frame)

  • Hammer and nail to hang on wall



First things first, take your art and IKEA frame to a framing shop. Hobby Lobby or Michaels can cut you a custom size mat in house. I only had mat’s cut for the 9x9 and 12x16 size. Inspired by one of my original tiny art collectors, Krista of Her Name Is Mud, I chose a white mat and on the larger size, chose to have the opening cut in the top 1/3 of mat. Once you decide on where you want your opening cut, the framer will measure the artwork and then cut the mat to size!







Once you have your mat cut, use 2 pieces of acid free tape and attach them to the back of the art and hold the art in place and position it the way you want it to show thru the mat opening. Once you get it positioned just right, press the tape down lightly and then more firmly to secure.





After you have the art securely taped to the mat, clean the plexiglass to remove any dust or fingerprints. When you have it clean, pop the mat and the backer into the frame and voila you are done!




You now have beautiful framed art for a fraction of the cost if you were to have it completely custom framed.