Oversized Frame Assembly Tutorial

I am so excited to now offer oversized frames for my 30x40, 36x48 and 40x60 prints! I have been working closely with a wood shop out of Vermont to bring you the highest quality frames. Providing self-assemble frames help to drastically reduce high shipping fees of large packages, and provides a more affordable framing option compared to costly custom framing prices.

If you're here then you've received your new beautiful easy-to-assemble frame and now you're ready to put it all together!

Please note:
I highly recommend taking your print to a local framer and have them mount the print to gator board or masonite. My local framer prefers to use Miracle Muck and then roll it thru a pressure roller without heat.


Click here for frames up to 24x36.


Follow the instructions below to assemble your frame!

First, gather and lay out all your supplies on a surface that is flat, hard and smooth to ensure everything lines up nicely. 

Your frame comes with:

  • The frame mouldings

  • The strainer bars

  • Hoffman Dovetail keys for both

  • Square head screws

  • Square head screwdriver and bit

  • Glue syringe

  • Hanging hardware

What you need:

  • Art print mounted to gator board

  • Hammer

  • Paper towels or cloth

  • Old sheet or something to protect the surface you are building the frame on.

  • Optional power screwdriver


Frame Moulding Assembly

1) Lay out the frame moulding with the corners loosely joined. The front of the frame should be facedown on the table so the holes for the dovetail keys are visible.

2) Next, run a bead of glue down the corner of the moulding and join it together making sure it's lined up nicely.

3) Using the long dovetail key, put the rounded end into the hole and hammer it into place while the glue is still wet. It is quite easy to hammer in but don't be afraid to give it some muscle. Once in place, wipe off any excess glue around the seam. Be sure to wipe inside and under the seam as well. Repeat on the next corner, but on the last 2 corners, glue them both at the same time, join them together, and stick both keys in by hand before hammering them in. Wipe the glue and then you are done with the frame!

*Tip: if you notice a little glue on the outside of the frame, a lightly damp towel should wipe it right up!*


Set aside. 



Strainer Assembly
Layout your strainer bars face down with the dovetail key holes visible. Do the same exact process as above, but using the shorter dovetail keys. Use 2 dovetail keys on each corner, making sure all the glue is wiped up!

Set aside. 


Placing Mounted Art Prints in the Frame

1) Lay the frame face down on the table. Place your mounted print face down in the frame. Make sure you place the print with the correct side facing up in relation to the pre-drilled hanging hardware holes. Now you can peek under the frame and make sure the print looks good and flush in the frame. Once print placement is confirmed, place the strainer on top of the mounted artwork.

2) Place the squarehead screws into the pre-drilled holes of the strainer. Using the square head screwdriver that came with your frame (or a power driver), screw each one into the frame. *Be sure not to over tighten if you're using a power driver*


3) Once the strainer is screwed in, you're ready to install the hanging hardware. Look for the pre-drilled holes on the back of the frame for placement and follow the instructions included with the hardware.


Hang Your Art

1) Measure twice!


2) Hang the frame on the wall and adjust as needed.


3) Enjoy your beautifully framed art print!

I'd love to see your newly framed art! Tag @laurieanneart on Instagram so I can see and share! :)